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This is excellent as a rub for fish and shellfish.  This is a blend that includes: Spices (garlic, onion, mustard, and spices) herbs, brown sugar, sea salt, and lemon. CONTAINS MUSTARD Mae’s Fish and Seafood Rub explodes with robust flavours. Eliminate the guesswork and choose Mae’s Seasonings spice combinations that are made with no artificial preservatives.

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MAE’S FISH AND SEAFOOD RUB is a great rub on or off the BBQ. For the BBQ we would suggest using firm fish that are suitable for grilling such as salmon, halibut, snapper, mahi mahi, monkfish, swordfish, or tuna. To prepare fish for grilling, brush with olive oil and rub on MAE’S FISH AND SEAFOOD RUB and grill until fish is cooked. It will depend on the thickness of your fish. Or if you prefer you can also wrap your fish in tinfoil for grilling as well. You would not need to worry about the fish sticking to your grill grates. You can also use flaky fish in the tinfoil packets as well. Just don’t place these fish on the grill as they will most likely fall apart on the grill. You can also place the tin foil packets in the oven as well to bake. For searing or baking fish, use flaky fish such as cod, sole, haddock, flounder, tilapia, trout, and catfish. You can also use the firm fish here as well. For searing, rub MAES FISH AND SEAFOOD RUB all over fish and cook in a cast iron in some lemon butter at high heat for about 1 – 2 minutes per side. Then transfer to oven to finish cooking. It will depend on the thickness of your fish how long it will take to finish cooking. MAES FISH AND SEAFOOD RUB is also excellent with shellfish such as prawns, scallops, crayfish, mussels, clams, lobster, and crab. This amazing rub can also be used in your batter for fish and chips. This will add amazing flavour to your homemade fish and chips. You can also use this as a seasoning to season crab cakes, soups, stews, and seafood pasta. Mae’s Seasonings is passionate about enhancing the flavour of your meals.

SMOKED PAPRIKA is the base for MAE’S FISH AND SEAFOOD RUB. Its smoky flavour adds an incredible flavour to fish and seafood.

DILL is one of the best herbs that goes well with seafood. It has a delicate flavour that works well to improve the taste of fish and seafood. Dried dillweed can also be used to flavour a lemon sauce for fish. A lemon sauce works well with Greek Dolmades as well.

BROWN SUGAR is a natural tenderizer, and it will help to caramelize the fish perfectly. The brown sugar also elevates the flavour in your fish and seafood.

LEMONS are often used with fish and seafood. The citrus fruit works well to fight off the slightly salty flavours present in seafood. Therefore, lemon and fish go so perfect together. Lemon juice is a great addition for a marinate for fish and seafood as well; just don’t marinate too long as the acid in lemons cook start cooking the fish. The maximum fish should marinate would be 30 minutes. Slices of lemon are also a great addition to add to your homemade fish and chips.

SUGGESTED USAGE:  This rub can also be used as a rub or a seasoning for fish and seafood. 1 tbsp per 2 fillets of fish.

  • NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES - Some brands put preservatives in seasoning blends to prolong the shelf life. Mae’s Seasonings doesn’t have any of these so that nothing comes between the pure natural flavours of the spices and herbs.
  • LOW SALT – Made with low salt so that you can taste the pure seasonings without all the sodium. Most seasonings are packed with salt, so they lack the flavour. And because of the low salt content these blends are full of robust flavours.
  • NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN – This makes it possible for people with a wide variety of special diet restrictions to enjoy this divine spice. There is no animal products or gluten of in Mae’s Seasonings. All products are naturally gluten free but made in a facility where gluten is present.

PRODUCT OF CANADA – Mae’s seasonings is proudly made in beautiful British Columbia where we can screen the quality of our spices and confirm it maintains a high standard of excellence.

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