Wholesale Overview

We offer retail stores, restaurants, caterers, and more with the opportunity to purchase our products at wholesale. We love the fact that our products make a difference in your business. We simply want to make it easier and a little more affordable for you to keep sharing our passion with your customers.

Please fill out our wholesale registration form and we will be in touch with you regarding it’s approval. We manually approve each form we receive for legitimacy in our wholesale program.

1. Our products are used in your business to either resell or use in cooking products that are then sold.

2. Your business is legally registered with your local government.

3. You must utilize our MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) for reselling as our pricing must remain the same across all retailers unless pricing is otherwise agreed to by us. Wholesale accounts that do not utilize our MSRP for reselling will have their accounts closed. Products close to expiring can be reduced to clear out for new inventory without issue.

4. SHIPPING is an expense we all must incur. Shipping costs will be calculated after an order is placed and we will contact you re: payment, arrangement or whatever we agree to. Let’s work together so more folks can enjoy our seasonings!

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