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Hickory Smoked BBQ Rub – BBQ Smoker Fav!

Mae’s Seasonings Hickory Smoked Rub is excellent on pork and chicken. This Hickory Smoked BBWQ Rub is a blend that includes Spices (onion, garlic, mustard and spices) brown sugar, sea salt and hickory smoke. Mae’s Seasonings explode with robust flavours. Eliminate the guesswork and choose Mae’s Seasonings spice combinations that are made with no artificial preservatives.

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Mae’s Seasonings Hickory Smoked BBQ Rub is a great rub when grilling. This is excellent on pork and chicken. Also, would be a great addition to your burgers for that smoky flavour. This can also be enjoyed by vegans or vegetarians by adding some to grilled mushrooms, black bean burgers, or vegetarian kabobs. Mae’s Seasonings is passionate about enhancing the flavour of your meals.

  • NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES - Some brands put preservatives in seasoning blends to prolong the shelf life. Mae’s Seasonings doesn’t have any of these so that nothing comes between the pure natural flavours of the spices and herbs.
  • LOW SALT – Made with low salt so that you can taste the pure seasonings without all the sodium. Most seasonings are packed with salt, so they lack the flavour.
  • NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN – This makes it possible for people with a wide variety of special diet restrictions to enjoy this divine spice. There is no animal products or gluten of in Mae’s Seasonings. All products are naturally gluten free but made in a facility where gluten is present.
  • PRODUCT OF CANADA – Mae’s seasonings is proudly made in beautiful British Columbia where we can screen the quality of our spices and confirm it maintains a high standard of excellence.

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Hickory Smoked Rub is a blend of spices that is composed of spices common in BBQ cooking. This unique blend will compliment your pork and chicken perfectly. You can also use this blend without the grill to add that rich smoky flavour to your meals. But it is spectacular for anything barbecue. This is also excellent on a beef brisket without the need for smoking since this rub will give it that smoky flavour you are looking for when doing a brisket.

Smoked Paprika – Is a deep red spice made from dried chili peppers that are smoked, dried, and then ground into a powder. This spice is born for barbecue due to its rich smoky flavour. Even just a little bit of this spice adds an incredibly smoky flavour and aroma that is the perfect compliment for grilling.

Garlic and Onion -   These are aromatics that delivers deep, rounded flavor and aroma when heated that helps to add rich and savory flavor with your grilling.

Cayenne Pepper – Adds a nice kick to dry rubs for meat and seafood. Cayenne is usually a moderately hot chili pepper used to flavor dishes. The cayenne pepper is a thin chili pepper, usually red in color, about 2 to 5 inches long. Cayenne peppers are considered a hot pepper, measuring 30,000 – 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Scale. If you compare that to a  jalapeno pepper which is only 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.

Mustard – is made from the seeds of the plant. It is used commonly in meat rubs to add that classic BBQ flavour.

Hickory Smoke - Hickory Is one of the most popular woods used to create strong, smoky taste in barbecue. Used in small amounts to add an intense and natural smoke flavor without the long smoking process. This is the perfect addition to our BBQ Rub to add robust flavour for pork and chicken. Hickory smoke powder also adds great flavour to baked beans, barbecue sauce and nut mixes or anything you want to add that smoky campfire flavour to. It will make your food taste like its spent hours in a smoker. It doesn’t need much to get a good smoky flavour to a wide variety of dishes.

Brown Sugar is a very common addition to rubs because its used as a natural tenderizer and helps to caramelize the meat.

SUGGESTED USAGE:  1 – 2 tbsp per 1 lb of meat. Just let your meat sit for 30 minutes after you have rubbed it in before cooking.

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